Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Break

We got to my house in Springville on Wednesday night (because i had to work), and when we got home, my parents were gone to some midnight sale. So we were just home with Trevor and Abby, and then Maci woke up. I went in and got her out of her crib and she just bawled and bawled. She's at that age that she  doesn't like strangers and because she doesn't see me and Tyler that much, she did not like us! 
The next morining on Thanksgiving, we woke up and headed right over the the church with my dad, Mackenzie, and Riley, and we played some major basketball with our neighbors and some of their family. It was fun, but we kinda played too long, because when we realized what time it was, we had to go straight over to my grandma's house (all sweaty and in
 our basketball stuff). But the more 
i think about it, it was a unique Thanksgiving because we have never done that before, so i think it made it more memorable. The food was great! Thanks mom and grandma! And then we took naps and just relaxed the rest of the day. We got a redbox movie- Fred Clause and my dad popped his amazing popcorn. It was a really cute movie!

Black Friday was quite an adventure for us! Me, my mom, Mackenzie, and Ab
by all got up at 4 a.m. to get those major sweet
 sales :). We saw two women w
ho were unconcious, and one man who totally bro
ke his arm, but still wouldn't let go of the kitchen aid he faught so hard to get! Sometimes it's funny just to watch how crazy people get at things like that! We went all around and probably spent more money th
an we should have, b
ut it was fun. 

When i got home me and Tyler set out on our own
shopping spree and got most of our christmas shopping done. When we got home we discovere
d that my little brother Trevor had been playing our wii since the minute he woke up. My parents were gone and no body else had see
n him because he never came 

The next day was "Twilght" day for the girls! Me, my mom, Mackenzie, an
d Abby all have read the first
 book (well Abby was
 almost d
one), and we had been planning this day for a while! 
We tried to talk the boys into coming but they went to Quantum of Solace instead. Though they had all heard skeptical things about the movie, we all thought it was really good! We h
ad fun! It had been a lont time since we all just went to the movie together.

After the movies got over we went to taco bell and then me and Tyler had to head down to Richfield for a baby blessing. It was fun, and the day we left, sure enough, Maci started liking us again. Right when we had to leave! :)

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Amy and Brad said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! I heard about your appendix/Christmas! Hope you're feeling better.
Love you!