Friday, February 27, 2009

State Tourney... CHAMPIONS!!!

State this year was awesome! Helping coach Richfield was such a neat experience and i'm thankful that i got the opportunity to! State was in Cedar City, and we went down knowing that it was going to be a tough week. The girls really had to show up to play. I went down Thurday
and then Tyler came down Friday.

They won their first two game, and we are 23-0 for the season. They hadn't lost a single game, and now they were going into the championship game undefeated against their big time rivals... South Severe (The 2 years in a row reigning champs). It was going to be an intense game. The feeling that day was excitement, but everyone was too nervous to even talk about it.
THEY WON!!!! In double overtime. Richfield didn't have the lead until the first overtime. There were times in the game where i just sat and stared across at the cheerleaders because i couldn't watch. I wanted these girls to win so bad! It was the neatest feeling! I have never been a part of a truly successful basketball team, and even though i was on the other end of it, it was an awesome experience. It was also cool to be able to coach with my Father In Law Brett! It is very rare to be a part of a basketball team that has a perfect season! State Champs is what these girls deserved! My eyes kept filling with tears the whole time we were celebrating because i was so excited for Richfield!
We cut down the net and took pictures! Took turns holding the trophy, went to dinner at Sizzler in Cedar then headed straight back to Richfield where the fire truck was waiting! We hopped on the fire truck and rode around down doing cheers and yelling and screaming! If you looked behind the fire truck, you couldn't see the end of the cars that were following us! I couldn't believe how many people came out in the middle of the night to celebrate the victory with the team! The community was awesome! What a night!!! :)


shurst23 said...

Cori! That is so awesome that Richfield took state! Congrats! Are you and Tyler looking at the apartments in Logan for next year? I have no idea where the married apartments are but that would be sweet if we were semi close to each other! We definitely need to catch up soon! Maybe my trip to Ephraim will turn into a trip to Richfield! :) Miss ya tons!

Casseron said...

Hey Cori, it's good to see that you are doing well! i'm glad that you found me in this crazy blogging world!

Coaching is so fun! I miss being the assistant coach for drill. As a coach I think you are way more nervous than the girls because you know what it likes to be in their shoes and how bad it sucks to lose!

Beagleys said...