Thursday, August 28, 2008


The only thing we can constantly know will happen is change. Its crazy how much life can change in a year, or two, or even four. Of course the longer time goes the more you expect the change to take its place. When i think about last year and how much has changed, then think about the year before, its crazy the friendships that i have made and eradicated in that time. Two years ago i was in kentucky preaching the gospel full time, getting up at six thirty and going to bed at ten thirty every day while keeping a tight schedule that helped me get a ton of stuff done every day. A year fast foreword from that i was hanging out with a lot of different people that i only talk to once a month or so now, or not at all, moving into a new college experience at the same place i had been before but with new people that have proved to be some of my best friends of all time, all of this while shedding the people that i used to think would always be there for me learning that they would not live up to those expectations i had in the past. From then to the present has been one extremely positive experience right after another. I feel so blessed to be at the point that i am in my life today, with the people i now surround myself with there is no way that i can see me failing in life. I can also say that the experiences, friendships, and personal choices that i have made, and negative things that i have overcome, have all been for my own good. I fully believe that the lord has had his hand in my life in a very intimate manner, and has blessed me in so many different ways because of the way that i have reacted to the situations that have came my way. I hope that i continue to have these trials in my life, that i may learn more fully the true recipe of happiness according to god, and also because i know i have such a long way to go in becoming the person that i want to be. I love my life, i love my wife, and im so excited to build a family, upon that family which i already have, and experience the joys within.
                                                                       tyler "the ultimate" beagley

I agree with Tyler. Change is the only thing that we can really count on to be the same. Although sometimes it can be a difficult thing, change can be good! Without change our lives wouldn't have the chance to progress to new things.
Change has brought on the fact that my friends are all in different places and we don't get to see each other very much. I still love them to death, but it is hard to hang out with them, and we will all admit that it's really different. That's a hard thing, but we are all starting out on our own adventures and life is going to bring us all different but good things!
 One change that was somewhat hard for me to deal with recently was when  my parents told me and my brothers and sisters that they were going to have a baby. That was something that i never imagined would ever happen, and the shock of it made the situation seem worse to me. Of course there was that excitement in me. I mean, who doesn't like new babies to play with and love! But I had a hard time knowing that a lot of changes would be happening in my life, changes that would keep me from being home and sharing the experience of a new baby with my whole family. Being the oldest of (now 6) i had been there to help raise and watch my other brothers and sisters grow up, and i have always felt that i had a big part in their lives. This little baby wouldn't even know me. I wouldn't ever live at home that she can remember. I wouldn't be there to play with her all the time and watch her grow up. I will be 40 when she graduates from high school, so she might even think she has 3 grandmas by then :)! Maci May was born on January 12th, 2008. She is a  happy, healthy and very spoiled baby. I wouldn't send her back for anything! She has been such a joy in our lives. I lived at home this last summer and got to see her quite a bit before Tyler and I got married and I realized that even though this sister and I will have somewhat of a different relationship, it's ok! We are sisters and that's a bond that doesn't ever change. I'm so thankful for Maci and how happy she has made my parents and the rest of my family! She is such a blast! 
I am also so thankful for change because without it i would have never met the love of my life, and we wouldn't be together for eternity! He is the best thing that has happened to me and I love him so much! He is my best friend!  I'm excited to be with him through all the rest of the changes that may come our way in life! 
                                    cori nichole nielson beagley


Beagleys said...

Change is definitely something that we can always count on in Life! Even though we don't always like it . . . it always makes us stretch and grow. As long as you both give 110% to each other, you can handle any change that may come along in life. I love you both, and am very proud of you.

Bode & Taryn said...

Wow! You are totally right about the change thing. I still remember the Tyler that came to Cedar at 3 in the morning a little more than a year ago and we talked while we walked to my house. That Tyler was struggling so bad with somethings in his life. I'm so glad that you overcame those trials that you have had. It is so nice to see you so happy!! You're a wonderful person and you deserve the best (and it looks like you've got it!)!