Saturday, August 23, 2008

the first

My name is Tyler. I rock hard every day. See i dont care much for english much so keep that in mind as you read... Im twenty three as of like three days ago. Twenty three is so much better than twenty two! Like serious, see when I turned twenty two it sucked cause i just started college and Calc 2 and life was sucky, but now at twenty three Im married and life is amazing! For those who may not know, im married to Cori Nichole Nielson Beagley, the most amazing thing ever created by the hand of God. We live ever so happily here in e town, just behind the best place to satisfy your hunger, you must get through the field of grasshoppers though, before you find our residence. If you listen close you will probably find some frickin cool music playing and some really funny jokes being told. One of my favorite things about being married is that you always have someone to play with! We love to play basketball and watch it too. See, we are ever so addicted to one tree hill... when i say we i mean her. Good times. I want her to love games like racquetball and ping pong as much as me so that one day we could play competitively. But see i dont dare play her one on one in basketball yet for fear of getting slaughtered. She was a college athlete and still could be and i am, ha ha, way far from that. There are a few things that every one that knows me will say that i am and first is that i am really funny... ha ha im not, that was a joke, but serious i am really good at being random and im really good at not shutting up, if you cant tell. If I can figure these things out, ill try and put some pictures and some songs and crap on here, but dont expect anything soon. Loves


Josh & Maddi Andersen said...

Hey ty! Love your blog! Im glad you finally made one! Im excited to check it and keep up on you guys! Love you!!

Mike and Bree Borys said...

Tyler! You have a blog now! Sweet!!!! (we're coming down there in a few weeks to go camping. you and Cori should come up!!!!)

ToddandCara said...

BEAGLE....It is good to hear from ya....CONGRATS...Marriage life is awesome isn't it. WOW I LOVE IT. I want to meet your wifey someday. Im so happy for ya. Keep in touch!!