Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas 2008

This was our first Christmas together. It was a good one! First we went up and visited my family as soon as the weather would permit. It was my little sister Abby's birthday on Christmas Eve so we went up to give her birthday present and the rest of my family their christmas presents. We also went to Lunch with my family. It had to be a quick visit so we didn't get caught in a storm but it was still good to be able to see them. We then headed back to Richfield where Tylers sister and brother in law Maddi and Josh Anderson had made it from Pennsylvania. It was good to see them after so long. We had fun hanging out and goofing off. We made some awesome gingerbread houses.
  Our was the best (no offense Maddi :)) because we made a gingerbread basketball court and park. Maddi and Josh did Fish Lake and Brett and Donna did the same old house. But it was a cute one! :) Tyler's parents got a wii for the family with Guitar Hero World tour (the band version). The entire christmas day we played that game. It was a blast. 


Donna said...

Hey! What's up with the comment about the "same old house?" . . . You just wait until next year!!! :)

Kate & Jordan Van Ausdal said...

oh my, maci is a doll! She looks just like the rest of you nielsens!!