Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Hairport

So ever since we have been married i have heard Tyler talking about his friend that works at a place called "The Hairport". It was always really funny to think of someone saying, " Ya i'm going to the Hairport to get my hair cut!" It has been the topic of many of Tyler and his friends jokes. The other day Tyler decided that he needed a hair cut and we decided to try and go the the famous Hairport where his friend Megan Thomas works, so that we could say we have actually been to the Hairport (it really is a real life place :)) So we went! Megan did a great job on Tyler's hair especially and our Hairport experience was a great one! :)


Anonymous said...

HAHA! That's awesome!

I text Tyler today and let him know but thought I'd tell you in case he forgot, haha. We're having a halloween party on halloween. It'll be super fun! you guys should come. I am sending an email out so remind tyler to check his email :)

Brett and Lex said...

That's a sweet name!!! I wanna go!