Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tylers Birthday!!!

So I need to catch up on Tyler's birthday!!! He just turned 24!
We made a cake (funfetti cake) the night before his birthday and we stayed up until midnight and ate it right as soon as it was technically his "birthday". It was fun! Then the next morning before i went to work and he went to school he opened his presents! After we got home that night we met up with our friends Riley and Jaquel and went out to dinner with them at the Porkipine Grill- we hadn't ever eaten there and it was so good! After dinner we went up to Riley's grandparents cabin and the boys made a fire. We roasted marshmellows and sat around and talked for a while. Then we went inside the cabin and watch the movie "Obsessed". If you haven't seen it.... WATCH IT! It is one of the most freaky intense movies ever! Way good!
So just when Tyler thought the birthday fun was over... he was wrong! ha ha Little did he know that me and one of his best friends Traysen planned a surprise party! Tyler just thought that Traysen was coming up that next night to take us to dinner for his birthday. We went to a new place called SMASHBURGER. Way good! While we were gone eating, some of our friends and family hid out in our apartment. When we got done eating, me and Traysen did some amazing stalling until everyone got to the apartment before we headed back! We walked in and all the lights were off, but there was a big pile of everyone's shoes by the door. Tyler immediately thought that the little boys that come over to play nintendo with him sometimes had some how managed to break into our apartment. Right when he started to get mad, everyone jumped out and yelled SURPRISE!!! It was hilarious! It was fun because some of Tyler's friends came up that we hadn't seen since we moved.
We all ate cake and icecream and went down swimming to the pool. Tyler has a little cousin Jagger who's birthday wasn't that long ago but he turned one and never got to play in his cake, so we sang to him too! When they started putting his fingers in the cake so he would play in it, he started to gag! Then started to cry really hard! It was the funniest thing! i can't wait for him to watch that video of himself when he grows up!
Love you Tyler!!! I'm sure being 24 will be just as fun as being 23! ha ha


Joe and Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Tyler! Yes now we can hang out. What are your schedules like?

Joe and Ashley said...

Tues Thurs and Fri nights would work well for us. I have class until 9 on Mon and Wed. Joe will be gone this weekend with the football team so that probably wouldn't work so well.