Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our New Apartment in West Valley

It has been a busy last couple weeks! We got all moved, i started my new job, and we have had lots of visitors. Here are some pictures of our new apartment. These are dedicated to Maddi ha ha who has been waiting forever to see them!!!
Front Room
Dining Area
One end of our room, our walk in closet and master bath.
There is another bathroom too, i just forgot to take a picture!
The other end of our bedroom. We also have another bedroom, but it's mostly storage right now so if i put a picture of it up here then it would look like a pile of junk!
This is the view looking out our balcony! We have loved it so far! There is a pool and hot tub, and a 24hour gym at the clubhouse. The little neighborhood boys like to come over and play nintendo with Tyler. Ha ha they love him and they are so funny! Our new ward seems cool too.
We also have gotten to hang out with our friends Traysen Turner and Kenzie Calloway. We have had a lot of fun with them!


Josh & Maddi Andersen said...

So cute!! I can't wait to see it. Thank you for finally posting them! Is that girl Traysen's girlfriend?

Brett and Lex said...

Looks like a great place!! Cory, is it scary to be a nurse? I'm FREAKED OUT! Haha! Help! It's fun to keep updated on what you're doing! Yay for blogs!

Mike and Bree said...

Cute apartment! you guys aren't too far from us! we should get together sometime! :)

Donna said...

Looks like you are all settled. It will be fun to see it! Ty said you bought us a bed (aka - air mattress) for sleep overs ;) Can't wait!!! Glad everything is going well so far. Love ya!

Joe and Ashley said...

Wow, you got a nice place. I'm glad your loving it. Now we just need to hang out and your life will be complete. :)

shurst23 said...

Looks like you've got yourselves a nice apartment there! Even better, you're like 5 minutes away from me! We definitely need to get together and do some hot tubbing! :)

Jennica said...

oh we miss you too cori!!! how's the new apt?? you like west valley??

ShaNae said...

so you get mad at me for not telling you about my new job, but you don't tell me you live right down the street from me?! I think you are just as bad as I am!!!