Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ode to Lotsa Motsa

Tyler officially had his last day at Lotsa Motsa after working there on and off for the last seven years. It was bitter sweet. He was ready to be done, but a lot of his friends worked with him and he will miss that. He is the best pizza maker! I could tell when he made my pizza and when someone else made it! Here are some cute pictures of him at work!
On his first day off we went up to spend the day at Seven Peaks with my family! It was fun and very hot! We got fried!!! After we went back to my parents house and had a big dinner with everyone and my grandma and grandpa. My dad made the best homemade french fries!!!
And Maci just keeps getting bigger and bigger! She talks so much now! And she showed us her HUGE teddy bear!


Joe and Ashley said...

AAaahhh! You are getting ready to move up here!

shurst23 said...

Holy moly, Maci is getting so big! She's so cute! Okay so you're moving tomorrow?! Like 5 minutes away from me...if that! Is it by that Maverick and the Redwood Multi-purpose center? That would rock! I totally run by there all the time! We definitely need to catch up girl! Love ya!

Jennica said...

cori! your so cute! i'm so glad i got to meet you before you moved! gosh dang :( but that one night was so fun!! ahhaha! i love bowling! oh how is sl treatin ya??

Joe and Ashley said...

So what are your weekends like? Joe is at football camp for the next three weeks and he has to stay up at the dorms which totally sucks, but they may let him come home on weekends, and I am doing the whole CNA course thing so I have that M-Th 4-10 for the next 3 weeks.