Thursday, July 2, 2009

It was all worth it!

WARNING: This is a long story with a happy ending!!! Read on!!!!

We went up to Salt Lake on Tuesday morning so that i could take my RN boards. Seeing as i was messing with kidney stones at the time i went in early hoping that it wasn't too busy and i could take it before my scheduled time. They agreed to let me take it early and as i was getting checked in (those of you know that it is like your checking into prison) they asked if i realized that my drivers license had expired! We had no idea because i just got a new one in August after we got married, but it only lasted until May. So because i had no other forms of updated picture ID they said i had an hour to get to the DMV, get a new license, and get back. They said if i didn't get back before the scheduled time then i would be issued a no show and have to wait 60-90 days to have the chance to take the test again! So we hurry to the nearest DMV hoping that because it was a Tuesday and right after lunch, so it shouldn't be too busy, that we could get right in and get right out! WRONG! There were a billion people! I kept saying "why is there so many people"?!! So we took our number and waited. Time seemed like it was flying by and i wasn't being called up. I was getting really worried and started to feel helpless about the situation. Tyler was a sweetheart and was doing good of trying to keep me calm. FINALLY i got called up and was given a new license with 10-15 mins to get back to the testing center! Tyler drove like he has never driven before and i sprinted in! We made it by one min! WOW! The lord definalty helped us out there!
We stayed at a hotel that night and played in the pool and hottub. The next morning we woke up and went to look at apartments and found the cutest ones! It's starting to feel more real that we are moving up there soon because we finally know where we will be living. Then we went to Lagoon with our friends Braden Bagley and Mandi Clark! It was so much fun! We felt like a little kids again running around the park! ha ha We all have matching sunburns too because it was such a nice a hot day!
Then on our way home i was texting my friend Anna Olsen. We were talking about how the test went and she tried to look on the internet to see if my results were posted yet and nothing came up. So i started getting really nervous like maybe i didn't pass! So when we got home i got a call from Gunnison Hospital to see if i could come in extra the next day to work and then they said "Oh ya and by the way... Congratulations!" I said "For what?" and they said, "Didn't you look online? You passed your test! Your RN license is posted!" I was so excited!
So although we had some tough things we had to go through... it was all worth it because we got to play and i passed! Thanks to all our family and friends for your love and support!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats! We'll have to hang out when you guys move up here! Where is your apartment at? Oh, and I dont know if Donna told you or not but we're putting together a slow pitch team for the fall if you guys wanna play :)

shurst23 said...

Congrats Cori! That's so awesome! All of your crazy hard work has finally paid off and I'm SO excited for you!

Joe and Ashley said...

Congrats!! That is so awesome!!

Amy and Brad said...

GREAT story! You'll tell that one to your grandkids some day - making it by one minute! Whew!

Kassie Jane said...

I didn't know that it was such an adventure to get your test taken. Sorry about all of the hassle it probably just added to your stress level. Sometime I'll have to tell you about trying to fly home from Dallas, TX with an expired license