Saturday, February 20, 2010

Riley's Mission Call (and stuff)

My little brother Riley got his mission call recently to the CZECH REBUBLIC- speaking the Czech language! So crazy!!! For those of you that don't know where that is... don't worry. Neither did we! Ha it's by Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. That area. Central Europe.
We are so proud of him. I just can't believe how much he has grown up and matured these last couple years. We know that he is ready to go on a mission and he is going to be a great missionary! After he read his call and was talking to everyone about it, you could see the excitement on his face. He talked to a boy in their ward who just got back from the exact same mission, and of course he said it was the best mission ever!
I just don't know how we are going to lose our brother for two whole years, but know that they will be such a great experience for him and that he will learn a lot!

So what else has been going on? We have been busy the last couple weeks. We finally moved into the house in Sugarhouse! We love it! It's a blast to be out of an apartment and have our own room!!! Once things get more settled i will take some pictures of it! I'm still busy with work and Tyler is still busy with school!!! But we are doing good!
We went to the Jazz and Cavs game with Braden and Mandi Bagley (and family). It was super fun! I bought a lucky green Daron Williams Jazz shirt. Why is it lucky??? Well because that was the game that Gaines (the jazz player who signed for 10 days) hit a last second shot for the win! Best game ever!!!
My best friend Danielle came and stayed with us a few weekends ago! We were super excited because she is going to live with us this summer!!! It was so good to finally see her! We went to the Jazz game with her and my buddy from Snow Sean! We had fun!!! Here are some pictures!


Eric and Megan said...

Ok first of all can not believe your brother is old enough to be going on a mission. And we really need to get together. I am excited that you are in a house now...

Anna said...

that's cool about your bro. it sucks saying goodbye to them, but soworth it. i've been to prague and it is a beautiful city. congrats on moving into a house, too!

Kate & Jordan Van Ausdal said...

Looks like fun!! Congrats on the new's so nice to be out of an apt huh!!?

Luke and Mariah said...

Cori! Luke and I were just talking about you guys! What are you up to these days? Done with nursing?? You are so gorgeous and I LOVE your Jazz shirt! So guess what I got for Christmas... THe Ghost and Mr Chicken!! I was stoked! You guys need to come watch it with us! Hope all is well!