Thursday, April 29, 2010

The latest!!!

Ok so here is what has been happening! Riley left on his mission! That has seemed to be what everyone has focused on. And school... Tyler has finals coming up too! So he has been extra busy! Mackenzie's team took the 4A state championship.

Mackenzie's basketball team did great this year! They went completely undefeated! They won the Championship (which is something that every basketball player dreams about doing and only few get to actually experience it). She did great! It was so fun to watch (even though we almost had a heart attack during each game).
We will miss Riley so much! Maci even tried to go in his suitcase! It was really amazing how we have watched him grow into a young man... well... and ELDER! It's crazy that the little boy that used to put grasshoppers down my shirt is going out to Czech to teach those people the gospel! We are really proud of him and know that he will do great! The family has already received a few letters and he loves his companion so far, and is seeing some of his friends in the MTC!
Tyler's sister Maddi is having a little boy!!! We are so excited! Our first nephew! He is going to be so spoiled. She is due in June and is moving back to Utah next week. So it will be good to have them around (instead of clear out in Pennsylvania). We had a baby shower for her and it was loads of fun!
We have had weddings, weddings and more weddings! Chelsi and Jake got married FINALLY, and one of my best friends Laken got married (i was a bridesmaid). They got married on the same day actually!
My teammate from Snow went on a mission! So our team got together for her farewell!
Grandma Caldwell had a birthday! Happy birthday Nanna Shanna!
Here are some random picts from the last few months!


Anna said...

finally!!! you guys have been so busy. you are so pretty cori! it was great to talk to you, like 5 minutes ago. :) let's not make it that long till we talk again!!!

Ashley said...

Oh yay a new post. You've been busy. It was really good to see you the other night I'm going to have to come watch you and Brit play again. We may have to set up a little game where I can play but everyone agrees not to throw elbows. :)

Amy and Brad said...

Wow, what a great catch up post! You have been busy! Loved the pics. Miss you guys!