Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chelsey and Melissa's Weddings

Last weekend i went to two wedding receptions for two of my teammates from Snow College on the same day! Tyler had to work so i journeyed up there by myself and met up with other teammates. The first one we went to was Melissa and Everton's. Melissa played basketball with me and Everton was on the boys basketball team. He was our good friend last year, and even though he spoke little english (cuz he is from Brazil), Melissa taught him about the gospel and he was baptized. That was a neat thing for us to see. Now they got married in the Manti temple i just think it is so awesome! He is a sweetheart and Melissa is too! I just love them!
Next one that we went to was Chelsey and Jordan's. Chelsey Brown was on my basketball team and Jordan played football at Snow. Theirs was in Chelsey's massive backyard that was gorgeous. They even had a little stream running through it! They got married in the Salt Lake temple and i'm so excited for them. Especially because Chelsey always told our team that she wasn't getting married until she was 30! :)

It was so fun to meet up with our old teammates and i hope we do it again soon! I love you all!

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Joe and Ashley said...

Joe will be excited to see those pictures. He helped teach Everton a little bc he served in Everton's hometown on his mission. I bet it was fun seeing all the girls again!