Monday, May 11, 2009

Visiting Logan

We went up to Logan at the beginning of last week to check things out up there. We stayed at my Uncle Wayne's house. They have the three cutest little kids Dallen, Jordan, and Sophie. The boys just wanted to beat Tyler up the whole time, and it was kinda funny to watch because they are so little! There were times when they got heated though! The littlest one punch Tyler in the eye (which was kinda funny too, but we felt bad). We looked for jobs and apartments and to our dismay, there are absolutely no nursing jobs in Logan Utah right now! We spent all day searching and there wasn't anything for me but a lot of opportunities for Tyler. So this has made us start to consider going to University of Utah for Tyler because there are a lot of jobs around in Salt Lake! But we still had fun! We went to eat with one of my best friends Danielle Taylor and one of Tyler's friends from high school Afton and her husband Trevor. We also had fun playing Guitar Hero and Mario Kart at Wayne and Shelly's! Their house is amazing!


Brett and Lex said...

Super cute pictures!!

Anna said...

what? no jobs? i thought you'd be home free with jobs up there. sorry if i gave you false hope. :( glad you had fun, anyway. and happy late birthday! looks like you were treated well.

Joe and Ashley said...

I can't believe there are no nursing jobs in Logan does no one get sick up there?? But it looks like its all good bc your going to move here and we can be nurses together and I will have our backs when I yell at people and make sure no one takes advantage of our niceness. Also, we are currently saving our pennies to get Rock Band so that will be here for you. :)